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Welcome to Waves Occupational Therapy, in Cornwall: Your Unique Path to Personalised Wellbeing!

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Hey there! At Waves Occupational Therapy, we’re all about unleashing your awesome potential and making your day-to-day life a whole lot brighter. We’re nestled right in the heart of Cornwall, bringing you top-notch therapy solutions and spot-on assessments, especially when it comes to all things sensory-related.

What Sets Us Apart? Our Unbeatable Approach

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So, here’s the scoop: at Waves Occupational Therapy, we’re all about YOU. Yup, you heard it! We know you’re one of a kind, with your own quirks, strengths, and dreams. That’s why we craft our approach just for you. Our team digs deep to check out your sensory needs, motor skills, brainpower, and even how you’re feeling inside.

Super Fun Stuff for Kids

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For all you awesome kiddos out there dealing with sensory stuff, handwriting hiccups, or just rockin’ it on the Autism Spectrum, we’ve got your back! Our team’s like a bunch of superheroes—using cool tricks backed by science to help you conquer challenges and rock those life skills. Need a hand with fine motor skills, sorting out those sensory thingamajigs, or becoming a coordination ninja? We’ve got the perfect plans to make it fun and totally effective!

Grown-up Support Galore

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We’re not just about the little ones! Grown-ups, we see you too. Whether it’s speeding up your writing for those important exams, nailing those sensory challenges, or even needing some extra love in palliative care, we’re here to make life easier and more enjoyable. We’ve got the tricks up our sleeve to boost your independence and sprinkle some extra goodness into your days.

Top-Notch Tailored Assessments

Our assessment game is on point! We’ve got a bunch of them tailored just for you—looking into dyspraxia, DCD, sensory whatchamacallits, visual perception, and more. These assessments? They’re like treasure maps, leading us to all the perfect ways to help you out and make life smoother.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We’re all about teamwork! We know your crew—the fam, your buddies, and the other cool folks on your journey—are all part of making things awesome. So, let’s team up, communicate, and make sure everyone’s on the same page for your amazing journey ahead.

Ready to Kickstart Your Awesome Journey?

So, are you pumped up yet? Ready to dive into a world of personalised therapy that’s all about YOU? At Waves Occupational Therapy, we’re here, waiting with open arms to start this adventure together.

Get in touch today and let’s kick off a journey that’s all about boosting your skills, independence, and happiness!

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