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Welcome to Waves Occupational Therapy, where we specialise in providing comprehensive Adult Occupational Therapy Services tailored to the unique needs of adults. Our dedicated team of occupational therapists is here to help you or your loved ones enhance your quality of life and regain independence through specialised assessments and interventions.

Our Services:

Functional Assessments:

Our occupational therapists perform comprehensive functional assessments to pinpoint any challenges you may be experiencing. We then create personalised strategies to enhance your daily life and encourage self-sufficiency.

lady walking along a path with a mobility aid, a four wheeled walker. Adult Occupational Therapy Services.

Mental Health Support:

We offer compassionate and effective support for individuals dealing with mental health difficulties. Our therapists work closely with you to develop coping strategies, enhance emotional regulation, and improve overall well-being.


Palliative Care:

We provide palliative care services for individuals facing serious illnesses or conditions to enhance comfort and maintain a high quality of life during challenging times.


Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills:

If you’re experiencing difficulties with handwriting or fine motor skills, our specialists can provide targeted interventions to improve dexterity and legibility.

Self-Care Tasks:

We assist individuals in regaining their independence by offering support with essential self-care tasks, such as dressing, feeding, and grooming.

Anxiety and Stress Management:

Our therapists provide valuable strategies to effectively manage anxiety and stress. By doing so, they empower you to confidently navigate the challenges that life may bring your way.

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Why Choose Waves Occupational Therapy?

At Waves Occupational Therapy, your well-being is unquestionably our top priority. We work tirelessly to help you reach your goals, using evidence-based practices and continuously improving ourselves through professional development. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality care possible.

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Are you ready to improve your quality of life? Schedule an assessment or learn more about our services at Waves Occupational Therapy. We are committed to supporting you on your journey toward a more fulfilling and independent life. Contact us today.