Occupational Therapy Services for Children (0-18) | Waves Occupational Therapy, Cornwall

Welcome to Waves Occupational Therapy, dedicated to providing specialised services for children aged 0–18 years, focusing on comprehensive support for various developmental challenges. Our tailored interventions encompass sensory assessments, handwriting enhancement, and strategies to improve writing speed for assessments and exams.

At Waves, we understand the importance of addressing sensory needs early on. Through specialised assessments, we identify and create targeted strategies for children experiencing sensory integration difficulties, Dyspraxia, Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, and Mild Hemiplegia. These assessments guide our interventions, optimising gross and fine motor skills, dexterity, visual perception, balance, coordination, and self-care tasks.

Our holistic approach extends beyond assessment and intervention; we empower children to thrive in their daily lives. With evidence-based practices and a focus on individualised strategies, we equip them with the necessary tools for success.

Whether it’s supporting handwriting challenges, fostering sensory integration skills, or addressing specific developmental conditions, our goal remains constant: enhancing children’s functionality and independence. Through comprehensive evaluations and targeted interventions, we pave the way for their optimal development and confidence.

Explore our specialised services tailored to cater to your child’s unique needs. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards empowering your child for a brighter future.

Our comprehensive range of services for children aged 0-18 includes:

  1. Sensory Strategies: We specialise in sensory assessments and interventions to help children better process sensory information. As a result, their attention, behavior, and self-regulation improve.
  2. Fine Motor Skills Development: Our therapists work closely with children to enhance their fine motor skills. This can include handwriting, drawing, and other activities that require precision and coordination. By doing so, children can develop their fine motor skills more effectively and improve their overall performance.
  3. Gross Motor Skills Enhancement: We focus on developing and improving your child’s gross motor skills, ensuring they reach their physical milestones with confidence. By doing so, children can develop their gross motor skills more effectively and improve their overall performance.
  4. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Support: Our team has extensive experience in providing therapy and strategies to support children with ASD. We help them to develop social and communication skills.
  5. ADHD Management: Our strategies and interventions are designed to help children with ADHD improve their focus and self-regulation.
  6. Handwriting Difficulties: If your child struggles with handwriting, we offer assessments and interventions to improve their writing skills for academic success. By doing so, children can develop the necessary skills to succeed academically and beyond.
  7. Anxiety and Emotional Regulation: Our therapists provide guidance and techniques to help children manage anxiety and regulate their emotions effectively.
  8. Self-Care Skills: We work on enhancing essential self-care skills such as dressing, feeding, and hygiene, fostering independence.

At Waves Occupational Therapy, we believe that early intervention is key to unlocking your child’s full potential. Our active, child-centred approach makes therapy fun and beneficial, helping kids learn life skills.

Your child’s well-being is our top priority. Contact Waves Occupational Therapy today to schedule an assessment and help your child achieve a brighter, more confident future.