Becoming an Occupational Therapist in the UK: A Quick Guide


Embark on a fulfilling journey as an occupational therapist in the UK, making a real impact. If you’re eyeing a career in Cornwall, let’s explore how long it takes to qualify.

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Education Requirements

Start with a Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) approved Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The undergraduate course spans three years full-time or up to six years part-time. Opting for a Master’s degree? It’s two years full-time or up to four years part-time.

Courses cover theory and hands-on experience, delving into anatomy, psychology, sociology, and research methods.

Postgraduate Training

After your degree, dive into supervised practice for about a year. Work in diverse settings—hospitals, clinics, community centres, and schools. This hands-on experience refines your skills for professional practice.

Registration with HCPC

Post-education and training, register with HCPC—a must for practicing as an occupational therapist in the UK. Showcase identity, qualifications, health, and character, adhering to HCPC standards. Renew your registration every two years.

Becoming an Occupational Therapist in Cornwall

In Cornwall, the demand for occupational therapists is high. Broaden your prospects by gaining additional qualifications or specialising in areas like paediatrics, mental health, or geriatrics.


Expect a four- to seven-year journey, including academic study and practical experience. Once registered with HCPC, dive into a rewarding career helping people lead independent lives. Cornwall offers abundant opportunities in various settings, making occupational therapy truly satisfying.

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